What Our Clients Say

We exist to serve our clients, and thus take pride when our clients take the time to let us know that we have met or exceeded their expectations.

What follows is a sample of notes we have received from our clients. To protect their privacy, some of our clients have requested we not reveal their names and we have, of course, honored that request.

Mr. Day and his associates really care about their clients. They make you feel like family and that makes for a great experience!!

M. H.

Recently, the Day Law firm was recommended to me following an incident. I was overwhelmed and Lindsay Flatt was not only competent but compassionate. She listened deeply and explained how everything worked and how we would proceed. She gave me all the information and kept me informed. She kept in touch regularly and returned my calls promptly...I felt heard, I feel they investigated thoroughly and did an excellent job in helping me. I would totally recommend this firm...


On 1-16-18 I was delivering mail, in which I have to sit in the middle of my van to do so, and it snowed pretty bad that day. A guy came around a sharp curve and hit me head on. He was driving to fast and slammed on his brakes. I knew he was going to hit me but I didn't know where. Since I have to sit in the middle of my vehicle to deliver mail I can't wear a seatbelt. Luckily I wasn't hurt very bad. I tore my rotator cuff and tore the tendons as well. I work with a girl who told me I should talk to a lawyer and her dad had used John Day so I called and they had me an appointment within a day or two. Dealing with federal workers comp is a total nightmare!!!!! So John Days office did everything for me. They kept me informed every week or two. . . They dealt with the man that hit me insurance company and workers comp. they did a wonderful job and I'm so glad I knew someone that told me to go talk to him. They made sure I got what I deserved and I can't thank them enough. If anyone is looking for a lawyer I highly recommended this firm. I appreciate everything they did for me and hopefully nothing like this happens to me again but if I find myself in a situation where I would need a lawyer, I wouldn't hesitate one bit with making a phone call to them. Thanks again for everything!!!!!!

Amy Jordan

We would recommend John Day to anyone needing a personal injury attorney. The firm and staff are outstanding, phone calls were always promptly and all of our questions were answered respectfully and professionally. We were given frequent updates on the status of our case saving a lot of stress.

Barbara Bowling

I was referred to The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. by an attorney friend, and am I glad she did. From day one, I have been treated with the utmost in professionalism, courtesy and empathy. My initial contact with the firm was a positive experience. I cannot recall a time when either I couldn't reach her directly by phone or through email or text in a very timely manner. All questions an concerns were patiently managed…and never did I feel rushed or hurried through an encounter. (Not your typical, 'law personality'.) Her demeanor and style, I'm sure had a lot to do with why the negotiations for my settlement turned out very favorably for me. I'm sure the assistance of Paralegals and other staff members, Jennifer Whitson and Angela Caldwell (to name just a couple), where invaluable to the overall success of the case. I really could not be happier with the outcome, and highly recommend their services with the highest confidence.


I knew I needed help concerning an automobile accident nearly one year ago. I was really getting nowhere on my own. John Day attorneys were recommended to me. I made an appointment. . . I was very impressed and decided at that meeting to go forward with John Day. From that point, I was very comfortable with all the proceedings. . . I am totally pleased with the settlement and with John Day attorneys and would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting and helping me with my claim. I would certainly recommend The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. and associates to any of my friends. Thank you.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for your kindness and understanding during the last year and a half, as well as your hard work to reach a settlement. Thank you again and I will certainly keep you in mind if I ever need a lawyer again!

Ines Yount

John Day was my first chioce for legal representation and I am proud to say I have been very satisfied with his services as my claim was settled in a very competent manner. He and his staff were always courteous, updating me often to keep me well informed and working with me at my convenience to satisfy my claim. I will recommend John Day to anyone needing an attorney for resolution of a legal matter whether large or small. Thanks.


Up until the time of the accident, I had never heard of your firm. So, it was sheer luck I found John Day on the internet. I typed in "injury lawyer for Putnam county" and a pop-up responded with a live operator who took down my info and general description of the head-on accident that was no fault of my own. That went a long way to reassuring me then and there that I chose the right firm, or so I surmised. Brandon Bass drove to my home in Cookeville (a long ways from Nashville) where the accident had taken place. I was in a lot of pain then and about to undergo shoulder repair surgery – a steel plate of titanium with screws was being put in. Mr. Bass professionally took notes, asked questions and covered all the details the firm would provide. He made sure to go over all the points until all my questions had been answered (knowing I was not a hundred percent myself because of all the pain I was in). I was impressed how informal and down to earth he was. He treated me as a friend. He truly believed in my case and that I was not the least at fault. I kept worrying we were not going to win but he calmed my fears – assuring me this was how big auto insurance companies often bullied injured parties into accepting low settlements. He would not let me down, he said, and he didn't. Thanks.

Dan Leaf

Our experience with the John Day Law Firm was totally and completely satisfactory from start to finish. We were treated with courtesy, honesty and professionalism throughout the entire process and the settlement was fair, equitable and timely. . . We could not have made it without them. I would recommend the John Day Law Firm to anyone requiring professional legal advice or assistance. Thank You!

Joseph Castleman

I was treated very well by the office. Everyone was very kind especially the individual with whom I initially spoke on the phone. All of my questions and concerns were addressed including the frustration I felt regarding my situation. I was running out of time to have my claim addressed by legal counsel and Burke Keaty came to my rescue. The other party did not want to treat me fairly so Burke had to assist them to see differently! My case was settled, and I feel I can put this in the past now. Although I do now understand insurance companies will never play fair unless you have a lawyer. I would use John Day again if there was ever the need and ask for Burke Keaty by name. Thank you for all of your assistance and hard work.


I feel I have been treated more than fairly and I would not hesitate to tell my family and friends to go to the Law Offices of John Day. Burke Keaty represented me and kept me informed as to every step along the way. Thanks Burke!

Elizabeth Mason

If I ever require the services of an injury/trial lawyer in the future, I will seek out Mr. Burke Keaty at the Law Offices of John Day. Mr. Keaty has the law, the application of the law in court, automative insurance procedures and medical insurance procedures memorized. He educated and mentored me through a difficult time. Mr. Keaty, his immediate staff and the staff at John Day treated me with the utmost respect, empathy and sincerity. All questions and administrative actions were answered/handled immediately with follow-up emails and telephone calls to close loose ends. I felt as if I was working with family, not a law office.

Charles Derrick

This was my first experience with attorneys other than having a will made and I could not have been more pleased. I was extremely nervous but our attorney, Burke Keaty, had me at ease very quickly. All of my questions were answered and emails and calls were returned quickly. I would have no qualms about recommending Burke and all involved in helping any of my family and friends. I carry Burke's business card with me at all times and will not wait to phone next time.

Kim Johnson

We appreciate the care and service that was provided by the office of John Day and Associates. The team listened to our concerns and provided excellent care to us. Burke was thorough, helpful and kind to us. He fought hard to represent us and our concerns while remaining personable with us.

The preparation for trial (and mediation) was extremely helpful. We appreciate the prompt responses to questions or emails along the way.

We would definitely recommend this firm to others and we would use them again if needed.

J. P.

Everything was great. You guys are a great representative. I was satisfied with everything. Truly appreciate John Day and his hard-working staff.

Jamar Gibson

I am very pleased with Mr. Day's offices. They were very helpful in answering all my questions and giving me information I needed. Very friendly and answered calls in short time. I have already given his name to one person and I would hire Mr.Day again.

Joan Herbert

It's been a long battle but this firm has been very efficient and has done a remarkable job for me! I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance. Everyone has always been very kind and kept me informed of all actions promptly.

Linda Bush

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for all the work and efforts that were done to settle our son's case. I know it took a lot of time and energy to get the resolution that he deserved. It was a pleasure working with you even though the circumstances were not what we would have ever predicted. May you have wonderful holidays to come and a Happy New Year! Thanks again!

When I approached John Day, P.C., I was really in a bind. I owed medical bills for a wreck that I was in. And since I was in school full-time, I was unable to pay them. So I called John Day, and they were able to assist me in my claim very quickly. They helped me to understand the process while giving me real results. Now, thanks to John Day, P.C., my family isn’t going to suffer because someone was not looking.


Burke was very responsive and expressed genuine concern throughout the process of handling my case. He always strived to get the answers to my questions in a professional and timely manner.

I would definitely recommend the John Day Law Firm to all my family members and friends, and also to anyone in their time of need.

Jerry Mears

After my accident, I was unsure about what to do next and how to move on. I had a lot of questions and was searching for answers. I couldn’t see how one thing could make you question so much. After contacting John Day on a weekend, they contacted me that day. Burke answered all the questions I had and never made me feel silly for asking questions. It was the best thing I could have done contacting them. No one should do something alone because insurance is not your friend and you never know what can happen. Burke helped us so much and explained things they way we could understand them. Hope I never have to do this again but if I do -- we will be back.


Attorney Burke Keaty is awesome. He was very professional and compassionate. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable during the whole process. I would definitely use him again. Thanks for all you and your staff have done.

Camora Springfield

Working with The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. and Burke Keaty, in particular, made a troubling time easier after an expected car wreck injured me. After trying to work directly with the insurance agency about my claim, The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. brought resolution to an otherwise unresolved case. Without their help and guidance, I would not have received the restitution I deserved.

Brad Heitmeyer

I am very satisfied with my dealings with this firm and would recommend them to anyone needing this type of lawyer.

Christaphor Griffin

When my father was wrongfully killed, our world was upside down. When I called the office, a nurse answered the phone and helped me by talking with me about my father. She then put me in contact with Mr. Day who has been nothing but kind, helpful and compassionate about my father’s life, death and the all-around healing process for my family. I am so glad that I contacted this firm. John is not only a lawyer but an absolutely wonderful human being as well as a friend. He always kept me informed by phone, text or email and I was contacted every time there was something new in our case. The man that killed my father was given a very large punishment. This was because John fought tooth and nail for my father and justice for him. Hopefully, this event or anything like it never happens again. However, in the event it did, John’s office would be my first call. Thank you all so much for your wonderful services. You will never know how much it means to our family.

The family of Robert Floyd Johnson Sr.

I would definitely recommend to anyone to hire John Day’s law firm because everyone was helpful, made everything clear and got the job done. I am satisfied with how my case was handled.

June Keomahavong

Thank you for all of your help regarding my case. Thanks for keeping me informed and diligently pursuing this case in my best interest. I would definitely recommend you to a friend.

Working with this firm and Burke has been a pleasure. I was kept in touch with through the entire settlement. My family has been struggling my whole life and now, with the help of Burke and John Day on my settlement, I will receive enough money to be able to pay all my expenses, buy a new car, help my family and still have money left over. It was a pleasure working with this company and I would definitely refer them to others and work with them again if I ever needed them in the future. John Day and Burke Keaty got my hospital bills reduced all the way down to 12,000 dollars. That is a blessing alone on itself. When Burke called me to let me know my final settlement amount, I broke down in tears. It is truly a blessing. Thank you.

Jessica Wrenne

Hey Mr. Day,

I want to thank you again for expressing to me what the concerns were regarding my case. I took your words to heart, and rather than contact another attorney, I contacted the scooter company directly. They turned my concerns over to their insurance company, and in the end, have agreed to pay all of my out of pocket medical bills (which is really all that I ever wanted to begin with). Thank you again for the assistance that you provided. You have definitely reshaped my opinion of personal injury lawyers.

I chose John Day's law firm based on reputation and the convenience of their Murfreesboro office. . . I recommend the law firm to anyone who finds themselves in a debilitating accident with a DUI driver.

Cindy Speer

The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. represented our son for injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident in May, 2014. John and his associate, Laura Baker, helped our son receive a fair settlement without going to court. From the beginning, we found them to be honest, authentic and compassionate as they led our son through the process of deciding whether to settle his claims out of court or go through a lengthy court process. They always provided the information in a factual manner and allowed our son to make decisions that best suited his needs. It was amazing to see how much they cared about our son and did everything for his best interest. Through the process, we developed a high degree of trust and respect for John and Laura and would highly recommend them.

D.W and S.W.

I was involved in an accident where I was hit by a 18-wheeler truck. Being a college student and without any family with me in the U.S.A., I did not know how I should handle all the legal matters associated with my accident. Someone recommended me to The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. and I was glad that I did it. My lawyer, Brandon Bass, answered my questions thoroughly and gave me helpful suggestions on what to do. The paralegal who worked on my case, Liz Whittle, was really competent and helpful. I had an overall good experience working with my lawyer. I am satisfied with the amount that my attorney was able to get. This was a valuable experience for me to work with an attorney. I would definitely hire them again if I needed any legal advice in the future.


I understand that not every case is a match for every attorney, but I truly appreciate the comfort that Mr. Day afforded me when I was first injured... I have to admit that I was once like ‘the general public’ in regards to personal injury lawsuits. However, after meeting your team, I realize that not all personal injury attorneys or cases are the same.

Again, Thank You!

The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. is, without a doubt, the best in Nashville! They treated me with the utmost respect and tended to my every need. No question went unanswered. I was always kept informed of every step in the process. I received phenomenal results; I couldn’t ask for more. I would definitely hire The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. again.

Anthony Santiago

We are very pleased with the services we received from the Office of John Day. From the start, John was very upfront explaining the process and what we should expect. All of the staff were very nice and friendly and would respond to our questions and concerns quickly. Cheryl Terrell was great to work with. She would explain items she needed and the things we needed to do very thoroughly and patiently. Brandon Brass was very helpful. He really prepared us for our deposition and stoop up for us which gave us great confidence that he had our best interest at heart. We were very pleased with the outcome and deposition of our case and would recommend their service to others.


I wanted you to have my heart-felt appreciation and thanks. In my court reporting career, I came to know dozens of attorneys. Still, I ask for a referral when it came to my case. I have been delighted with your performance in every regard and would be honored to [tell others] on your behalf. My very best wishes and rejoice in the birth of your darling son!

Jeany Martin

Before selecting a law firm to handle my case, I spoke with several lawyer friends (who handle different kinds of cases), and they unanimously recommended The Law Offices of John Day, P.C.. I called them, and Attorney Brandon Bass was assigned to my case. I highly recommend him.

Brandon is a bright and well-spoken litigator. But the most significant thing to me was that Brandon listened. He quickly knew everything about my case and my needs. He was available any time I’d call. Brandon was able to explain the intricacies of the law and the legal process in a easy-going and understandable manner. But even more importantly, Brandon won…

I hope I never need Brandon or John Day’s services in the future, but if I do, I know they will be there for me and will fight hard. I’ve seen them in action. It’s what they do.

Nancy James