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For more than forty years, our award-winning attorneys have been the voice of injury victims and their families in Lewisburg, Chapel Hill, Cornersville, Petersburg and all of Marshall County. When careless people cause serious injury or death, we are here to aggressively pursue the at-fault party and obtain full compensation for your losses. Compare our firm to others and we believe you will see the difference. Here are few reasons why:

(1) We know the law. John Day literally wrote the books on injury and trial law in Tennessee.  John's books can be seen here

(2) We are dedicated to serving our clients. Your phone calls are returned promptly. We respond to your emails and inquiries with thoughtful advice and needed answers. We will gladly come to your home or the hospital if your injuries prevent you from coming to us. In short, we will diligently and aggressively pursue your claim from start to finish. Here are just a few testimonials from our satisfied clients.

(3) We have a nurse on staff full-time to help answer your medical questions and to assist us with any medical issues that may arise in your case.

(4) We do not charge interest on case advances and we do not require our clients to obtain high-interest litigation loans. We advance all costs and we only get paid if we recover money for you.  For more information on our fees and expenses, please click here.

(5) We have been recognized for our expertise and success by other lawyers, business journals and others. We invite you to review our website and compare our successes and our credentials with others.

Types of Cases We Handle in Marshall County

We handle all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases including slip and falls, medical malpractice cases, boating accidents, jet ski accidents, dog bite cases, golf cart accidents, accidents caused by defective or unreasonably dangerous products, cases involving eye injuries, liquor liability cases, cases involving burn injuriesbirth injury cases, nursing home abuse and neglect cases, cases involving brain injuries, sexual abuse cases, carbon monoxide poisoning cases, food poisoning cases, drowning accidents and many more.

Car Accident Cases in Marshall County

Motor vehicle accidents are a large part of our practice including motorcycle accidents, tractor-trailer crashes, car wrecks, car vs. pedestrian accidents, car vs. bicycle accidents, etc. Driving is a dangerous activity and the Tennessee Department of Safety ranks each county by its crash statistics. Marshall County had the following rankings for the 2015 to 2019 period:

  • Overall Crash Rate: 36th
  • Fatal Crash Rate: 80th
  • Injury Crash Rate: 41st
  • Motorcycle Crash Rate: 41st
  • Alcohol-Impaired Fatality Rate: 61st
  • Alcohol-Impaired Crash Rate: 29th
  • Speeding Crash Rate: 18th
  • Young Driver (Ages 15-24) Crash Rate: 35th
  • Senior Driver (Ages 65+) Crash Rate: 39th

We Can Help You and Your Family

If you have been injured in a motor-vehicle accident or any other type of accident, you need the high quality representation our team can provide to guide you through the process, ensure all at-fault parties are being held responsible and help you get the maximum amount reasonably possible for your injuries.

Even in a car wreck case, we may need to pursue multiple claims. For instance, if the other driver does not have insurance or an inadequate amount of insurance, we may need to make a claim with your auto insurance carrier for uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits. If you vehicle failed to perform as designed in the crash and caused you injuries, we may need to pursue a products liability claim against the manufacturer. If the other driver was driving under the influence, we may need to pursue a dram shop claim for over-service of alcohol against the bar or restaurant where the other driver had been drinking. Many other potential claims could be possible and without our experienced team you could lose your rights against an at-fault party.

Marshall County Judges and Court Information

If a lawsuit becomes necessary, Marshall County is located within the 17th Judicial District, which also includes Bedford, Lincoln and Moore counties. The following individuals are judges in the 17th Judicial District:

The 17th Judicial District has established Local Rules that govern the day to day operations of the court including such things as the issuance of subpoenas, setting cases for trial, etc. A copy of the Local Rules can be reviewed hereTo learn more about the litigation process, click here.

In 2011-2012, 27 tort cases (claims for personal injury or wrongful death) were filed in Marshall County. There was not a single tort case that went to trial. In 2012-2013, 20 tort cases were filed in Marshall County and 2 tort cases went to trial. Of those two trials, the injured party did not win either one. In 2013-2014, 17 tort cases were filed in Marshall County and one tort case was tried. The injured party won that trial but the award was $1,209.00. In 2014-2015, there were 17 tort cases filed, but none were tried. In 2015-2016, there were no cases filed.  During 2016-2017, 22 tort cases were filed, one was tried (non-jury) and the injury victim lost that trial.  For 2017-2018, 13 tort cases were tried and again one case was tried (non-jury) and the injury victim lost.  Last year was very similar with 15 tort cases filed, one tried (non-jury) and the injury victim lost again. The last year referenced for this data is the 2018-2019 reporting period.

John Day has created a new website (BirdDog Law) to give citizens, judges, and lawyers important information about the court system of every county in Tennessee, including updated trial statistics in each of the 95 counties. For more recent information and an understanding of the trends in jury and nonjury personal injury and wrongful death cases in Marshall County, please click on the link.

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These statistics demonstrate how important it is to choose the right lawyer to represent you. We have recovered millions and millions of dollars for our satisfied clients so we know how to get results.

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