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Our award-winning attorneys have collected more than $150,000,000.00 for residents of Knoxville and all of Tennessee. Why the emphasis on "collected"? Because a lot of injury attorneys will go to trial against an unrepresented party who has no assets or insurance and take a judgment. Of course, if the at-fault party has no assets or insurance, the injured party is not going to recover a nickel.

Hardly the definition of a win. But yet, the attorneys will use the big judgment in their statistics to make themselves appear more successful than they really have been. At The Law Offices of John Day, P.C., we only care about the amount of actual money we have put in the pockets of our satisfied clients.

Types of Cases We Handle in Knoxville

For decades, we have been committed to helping injury victims in all types of cases including sexual abuse cases, medical malpractice cases including birth injuries, golf cart accidents, liquor liability cases, slip and fall accidents, cases involving defective products, car accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bite cases, jet ski accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, food poisoning cases, trucking accidents, farming accidents, construction accidents, bicycle accidents, uninsured/underinsured motorist claims, cases involving brain injuries, burns, orthopedic injuries and eye injuries and many more.

If you have been injured in Knoxville or you are a resident of Knoxville who has been injured somewhere else, contact one of our experienced injury attorneys. Our initial consultation is free and without obligation, and we never get paid unless we win. Unlike some lawyers, we do not ask our clients to advance case expenses or incur outrageous litigation loans. Instead, we advance all case expenses so you are never out of pocket any money to pursue your case.  For more information on our fees and case expenses, click here.

We Can Help You and Your Family

From the moment you hire us, we will work tirelessly to ensure you get the justice and the compensation you deserve. We routinely work with accident reconstruction experts, experts in biomechanics, engineers and other experts who can help prove your case. On the damages side of your case, we have a nurse on staff to assist with medical questions and issues. And, when appropriate, we work with life care planners, economists, therapists, doctors and other experts to help explain the full extent of your damages. To learn more about the litigation process and the work we do after you hire us, click here.

Tennessee injury law is complex especially with the passage of the recent tort reform legislation. To be sure, it can be overwhelming without a skilled lawyer to help you navigate it. So do not be tempted to go it alone and simply take what the insurance company is offering you. Let one of our experienced and aggressive lawyers be your advocate so that you can be assured you are getting all the compensation you deserve.

Will I Have To Go To Court?

This is a common question from our clients.  We try to settle all of our cases, but sometimes the at-fault party or their insurance company will deny liability or deny the severity of your injuries. When that happens, we will not hesitate to take them to court.

Knoxville Judges And Court Information

If we must file a lawsuit, Knoxville is located within the 6th Judicial District, and the following judges preside over civil cases in the 6th Judicial District:

Our lawyers know the 6th Judicial District's Local Rules of Court which govern various topics such as setting cases for trial, subpoenas, pretrial procedure, etc., so you can rest assured we will skillfully navigate your case through the court.

Like most courts in the state, in the last ten years, the 6th Judicial District has seen a decline in the number of tort cases tried. (Tort cases are claims for personal injury or wrongful death.) For the 2011-2012 reporting period, 1,044 tort cases were filed in the 6th Judicial District and 45 cases were tried; 28 of those cases were jury trials and the remaining 17 were judge or bench trials. The injured party prevailed in 17 of the 45 cases and the average award was $90,019.00. In 2012-2013, 938 tort cases were filed in Knoxville and 38 tort cases went to trial. But, the injured party only won 18 of those trials. The average verdict increased to $149,205.00. For 2013-2014, 1,007 tort cases were filed, 61 were tried and 9 resulted in a verdict for the injured party with an average award of $24,008.00. Last year, 886 tort cases were filed and 45 were tried. The average award saw a significant increase to $358,412.00. In 2015-2016, 984 cases were filed, 61 of those cases went to trial, and 15 cases resulted in an average of $209,703.  During 2016-2017, 954 tort cases were filed, 42 tried and the injury victims won 12 of those trials with an average award of just $20,992.  In 2017-2018, 927 tort cases were filed, 37 were tried and the injury victims won 14 of those trials.  The average award increased to $64,062.   Last year, there were 879 tort cases filed and 16 tried and only 4 of those cases resulted in a verdict for the injury victim. Because of one large verdict, the average award was signficantly higher at $556,047.  Notably, 2 of the 4 cases had verdicts of less than $100,000.

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These cases statistics highlight the need for you to have an experienced and savvy litigation lawyer on your side. We invite you to review our awards and our client testimonials, and then contact us today so we can get started fighting for you.  We handle all injury and death cases on a contingency basis so we only get paid if we win.  And because we advance all case expenses, you are never out of pocket any money to pursue your rights. Contact us online or toll-free at 866-812-8787.

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Everything was great. You guys are a great representative. I was satisfied with everything. Truly appreciate John Day and his hard-working staff. Jamar Gibson
We thought that you did an excellent job in representing us in our lawsuit. We would recommend you to anyone. Mitch Deese
The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. is, without a doubt, the best in Nashville! They treated me with the utmost respect and tended to my every need. No question went unanswered. I was always kept informed of every step in the process. I received phenomenal results; I couldn't ask for more. I would definitely hire The Law Offices of John Day, P.C. again. Anthony Santiago
I would definitely recommend to anyone to hire John Day's law firm because everyone was helpful, made everything clear and got the job done. I am satisfied with how my case was handled. June Keomahavong
It's been a long battle but this firm has been very efficient and has done a remarkable job for me! I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance. Everyone has always been very kind and kept me informed of all actions promptly. Linda Bush
I had a great experience with the Law Offices of John Day. The staff was very accommodating, and my phone calls/emails were always responded to in a timely manner. They made the entire process very easy and stress-free for me, and I had confidence that my case was in good hands. I am very happy with the results, and I highly recommend! Casey Hutchinson